About Us

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What we really do?

Founded in 2018, Infotech T&B Inc  is a retailer of personal computers, IT and components, as well as consumer electronics.

Infotech T&B Inc is part of Infotech Group with head office in Europe and branch in  Shenzhen China over its 25-year history, they continue to provide customers with the best products at the best value that the computer retail world can offer.

The first Infotech TNB  location established itself in Mississauga, Ontario, with an initial vision of providing high-quality products for a wide range of customers , with a friendly price.

Our Vision

Infotech  offers competitive pricing on its unparalleled product selection, with a firm commitment to on-time order fulfillment. We empower customers to make the best purchasing decisions by offering detailed product information, peer reviews, expert opinions, product tutorials and the opportunity to network with other members of the Infotech  . Customer satisfaction is our top priority, achieved by delivering superior service with our ever-present philosophy of putting the customer first.